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Simple Guide to Learning Origami

Do you have interest in learning the art of origami and you do not know how to go about it? Origami remains one of the oldest arts in practice in the modern times, yet a lot of people do not know it. Some people perceive it as a sophisticated art, but you can learn through various tutorials that are available. As much as you can enjoy the art of origami, it is also essential for decorative purposes and adds beauty in different settings. If you would like to know how to make origami, the following steps are crucial.

Choose the right paper – There are different papers for origami, and if you want to make the best shapes, the secret lies in the choice of paper. The paper is an integral element when making origami designs. Amateur artists should select light papers which fold quickly and simple to rectify in case you make a mistake. Thick papers are suitable for those who have perfected their origami skills as they know how to handle them to create excellent origami designs. The origami papers come in different shades, and you must also be conversant with the choice of right color for a particular design. Although you can use a single color, it is recommendable to use a mix of colors to add flair your art.

Learn through tutorials – Although you can find origami classes, you can also find videos and other tutorials that provide essential information to guide you in making origami shapes. While you can get books that teach about origami, videos are the best tutorial because you see how it is done. Complex origami such as making a dragon can be cumbersome, and you can learn it easily through videos. You will find various tutorials of origami, but it is vital that you choose the one who makes learning easy. Further, you can access a lot of information from the internet about origami.

Start with the basics – It is recommendable that you start with the basic origami designs and then later proceed to the advanced one when you have mastered the basics. Many people get discouraged about learning origami because they started with intricate designs which could be confusing for beginners. The simple designs usually have approximately 11 folds which beginners can easily master. Just like learning any other activity, practice makes perfect, and you must find time to do it. Basic designs might include origami box, origami plane, origami boat and origami parrot. Try the sophisticated designs – After you have learned the basics of origami, should try the complex designs which have more folds. It takes approximately 18 folds to make an advanced origami design. The sophisticated designs include a dragon, crane, frog, and lotus.

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