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Advent Devotional – The Season of Remembering Christ

Advent is the season of expecting, hoping and waiting which starts on 4 Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent is helping us to prepare for the coming or perhaps, the Advent of Christ child at Christmas. As a matter of fact the phrase Advent has come from a Latin word which means, coming.

For hundreds of years, a lot of Christians use Advent wreath to inspire hope for coming of Christ. Simply reading bible verses and also lighting candles, it does serve a reminder of how significant the birth of Christ is and be more excited on his coming.

There is no set meaning for candles of Advent wreath except however the middle of the candle that signifies the birth of Christ and is usually referred as the Christ Candle. In some other churches, priests there are preaching candles also as a way to bring love, joy, peace and hope in addition to Christ’s coming. Then again, in some other settings, they are being identified with key figures in the story of Christ’s birth such as the angels, Mary and Joseph and also, let us not forget the shepherds.

The Advent wreaths are using candles that compose of different colors and some of these wreaths make use of all white candles but there are some that use a pink candle, a white candle and three of either purple or blue candle. The reason why these candles have different colors is to represent different meanings like for pink, it shows the joy of our waiting, the white is showing triumph and celebration of the birth of Christ and blue or purple candle constantly reminds us of how serious or solemn God’s people are for waiting on their savior.

Like what’s mentioned before, Advent comes from a Latin word meaning Coming or Visit. Now as Christians, Christmas is where we start preparing for the Advent of Christ. These preparations include a lot of things similar to remembering Israel’s hope for God’s coming to save, forgive and restore, remembering our need for Jesus our savior, preparing to welcome back Christ at Christmas Eve into our hearts and to the world and lastly, remembering our hope for Christ’s second coming.

The truth is, just the act of lighting a candle every week of Advent is enough to show that we help ourselves be prepared for the birth of Jesus Christ. Every candle have a different meaning which is all based on the bible. All these meanings will help us in understanding how special the celebration of Christ’s birth.

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